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Archeological Dig Underway in Local Residence

So my house is currently a disaster.

Boxes and piles litter the floor of almost every room as I sift through the rubble of my life to find the gems worth salvaging.

One such recovered gem has been a box of CD’s by local bands that have played in Quincy over the last fifteen years or so.

I instantly realized what needed to be done. I’ll start a blog!

A quick trip to Godaddy followed by one to WordPress is all it took to get rolling. Now, if you visit mydeadband.com you can download .ZIP files of the CD’s I’ve found and preserve them in your own digital crap-box for all eternity. Or at least until a massive solar flare emits a massive EMP that erases all trace of our humanity from the electronic record.


mydeadband.com screenshot

Each download is accompanied by any applicable photos and recollections I may have. Others will better memories than my own are welcome to add to the archive.

I’m not sure I need another project right now. But I feel like if I don’t do this now, then I never will.
Besides, what better time to filter through memories and tracks that document my involvement in the Quincy music scene than as I am preparing to depart from it all? If nothing else, I hope that others can enjoy the nostalgia of familiar sounds from our collective upbringing during what was in my opinion, a golden age of music for Quincy, Illinois.

For a more detailed account, check out my guest blog on “The Breakdown” at The Local Q.